RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones



These are great!! BUY 3!!

I sense a wine woot detour coming…

Take the image to photoshop and brighten it… then you will see it

Hoping they put the Kodak all-in-one up again. Need me a new printer and I was going to buy that exact one this weekend.

I guess? lol. I personally still think the pic on the table is a pic of the pic. I know, the colors aren’t perfect.

LOL @ the ugliest headphones in the world making it’s 2nd appearance in the wootoff.

i didnt know we went back in time to 82


How do they cancel noise… with MORE NOISE!

No no there is a ‘male bodypart’ in there :slight_smile:

Boo! yacht.woot.com doesn’t work.

My first Woot! About time :stuck_out_tongue:
Being a poor college student makes me sad sometimes…


So, uh, anybody think there will be any of those DirecTV TiVo remotes coming up? I need one.

Come on people!!! buy before they sell out. Imagine how cool you’ll look wearing these. People will die from envy.

Already went through this… It’s not the same picture. The girl in the white dress is standing near the dresser in the polaroid. But not in the pic.

My little brother and I are always breaking or losing workout headphones. At that price, it’s worth it. In for two.