RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones

Hahaha that’s hilarious!

Are you still up?!?! I gave up at 1am after 40 hours of being awake and 24 of wooting :[

how the hell does a freakin huge ass tv sell out quicker then headphones?

we just went from crappy to crappier…

you areot supposed to

it’s not supposed to have anything…

RCA sucks.

The best thing with “RCA” on it is the dome

so the kid has his arms folded across his silver tie, with a hair tie on his wrist, whoopadeedoo!


have they thrown out the B. O. C. yet?

why is it the people who have purchased one item from woot who bother everyone else during wootoffs about bandoliers?

I still don’t see anything in that picture …

What is baiting the consumers?

Not as good as the Jabra, but 1/6 the price! Wear’em while mowing the lawn, vacuuming the house, living in a wind tunnel.

I guess if the penis is growing out of her knee, ok…

aaahahaha, i love the looks on there face!

so what … they took multiple pictures … with different camera’s … someone had a polaroid … what’s so “bricky” about that ?


Look between the girl in the blue dress and the one in the polka dots. "

what where? ?!?!?!

I’m bored. Let’s keep it interesting: