RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones

Wow I didn’t check the Woot Off for about 3 hours and I missed 2 items? What the fuck?


Wow, you’re hardcore.


Hey, do we pay 5$ shipping coast for ever product we buy or we pay 5$ for shipping at the end of the day for all the stuff we bought through out the day?

Thanks in Advance

there was only 3

Let us grasp at straws! Honestly though, i think that’s it…but there are simple explanation one can give. It’s silly.


For $12.77, you can afford to buy a can of spray paint and make them any color you like. And have lots of paint left over for other uses. (Seriously, I may just do this if I decide I don’t like silver…)

I checked it out…there’s no yacht.woot.com



That would be an Arm…

im guessin, it’s because they crashed goin the same way on an right lane(as in driving on the opposite side of the road)

deja vu… just a lower price

okay… So I looked up Olivia Munn… I’d seen her on attack of the show before (not knowing who she was).

So I guess it is true that 4 is the new 6…
Honestly, she looks normal to me…


C’mon Rusty…we’re out of here!


My toddler who is always having trouble watching “SuperWhy” with my ipod earbuds will actually like these headphones. She doesn’t care if they are from 1982. Oh yeah, and all her clothes have shoulder pads, too.

Well, yacht.woot.com does not resolve…yet…

One more woot-off killer an I am leaving the house. (so a nice webcam would probably be a good thing for me in reality)