RCA HPNC050 Noise Canceling Headphones

Dear Woot! Member,

If you have been logged in for the entire Woot! Off and buy NC headphones then you are an idiot.

Thank You,
Woot! Staff

two bucks cheaper than on sellout.woot a couple nights ago

they only sold 321 then guessing they have 6oo more


anyone else visit yacht.woot.com?

boo! yacht.woot.com should have been some sort of joke page or a “easter egg” or something…


I’ll take two…lol

Anyone else go to yacht.woot.com looking for the BOC?


Don’t you mean ‘order canceling’ headphones???

Horrible Woot off - everything selling is the same or less on ebay.

they look so ugly!

Well I wanted a pair of noise canceling headphones,
…but not ones that looked like this pair.

these are really decent, wooting

no- there’s a guy in the window behind them!!!

its the polaroid on the table of the same picture

there’s something wrong with mywoot.net
how can they complain about the # of times the page is requested if there hasn’t been anyone in the room for 15 minutes prior to their message?

How are they? I went in for 1 because I am a serial headphone loser and I do fly a lot. I know they’re not gonna be great, but it was worth the $12.77 to find out.

Can you hear me now?

wow… these wont work at all…