RCA HPNC300 Noise Canceling Headphone



great woot for the new year… don’t you agree?.. and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful…


already have a set, but good price


Friends, Shoppers, Countrymen,
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Not good - http://reviews.cnet.com/headphones/rca-hpnc300/4505-7877_7-30860790.html


I’ve been looking for new headphones and I really can’t go wrong with this price, but I’m looking for something a little better at least.


What’s an alkeline battery?


Great product description today! Definitely makes me not want a pair. :slight_smile:

Actually, the Razer earbuds that Woot has from time to time do an adequate job of canceling airplane noise for me. Not to mention, allows me to completely ignore my co-workers. Wish they’d bring those back again, I kind of want another pair!


How good are these? My dad’s snoring really bad right now.


OH NOES not RCA. Donut want.


Hope this helps…


I’m not sure how these feel, but I’ve had issues with foldable headsets in the past. They tend to feel “square” and rip out my hair, to the point where I’ve had to resort to wearing them around my neck.


I agree with the $25 mouse comment if anyone caught it before it was deleted!


just got a set of Bose, i shall never again look at headphones in the same light


poooot woot.no GE for me. TTYL


How bad could these be? Decent N/C headphones are going for big bucks… For $9.99 I’m not expecting much… and even RCA is better than the junky flea-market brands like the ubiquitous “Coby” that can be seen on eminem look-alikes in a mall near you…

Wooted. Couldn’t resist.


Actually, the Razor earbuds were up yesterday.



It’s selling 3x to 4x more everywhere else. Can’t really go wrong for only $10.


I agree- the m100’s do a great job with noise isolation and great sound.


Well, I just got my four sets of Philips noise canceling headphones [have two woot accounts.] Coincidentally they arrived yesterday. They were $15 each. A good price for how they perform.

I have to say I am very, very pleased with them.

So, don’t need more headphones. I think all totaled, with the gamer headsets, RCA earphones, and the Philips, I have about 12 from Woot. So unless those gamer “5H” show up, I’m done.