RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player with FM Tuner

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RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player with FM Tuner [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * RCA S2001 Jet 1GB Rechargeable Sport Media Player w/FM Tuner & Recording, BMI Calculator, Stopwatch

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CNet’s review

81/100 on Alatest.

But watch out. Only 3 stars on average from Amazon.

Really? Is RCA still making stuff?

Does this have an AM tuner? Yes, some of us listen to AM.

$20 new at macys.com

Manufacturer’s page

Probably not and that’s why it’s here.

This looks nice, but RCA doesn’t have a great reputation for quality.

And the manual.

Found it on Ebay for about $40

actual dedicated product page with a video demo and everything else.

Here’s the manufacturer’s page.

In 4 1.

I have been looking for new workout headphones anyways and these will do nicely.

Would’ve been nice if these were the RCA Jets with wireless headphones.

Like these

Not the best quality MP3 player but certainly does the job for the price.

How do you charge the battery? Does it recharge through the USB cable hooked up to your computer?

got one…perfect for getting my fatass back in the gym. although i will probably get 80 of them in my box of cherrios coming on the 8th.

will this work with my mac?