RCA Jet 1GB Sport Media Player with FM Tuner

Agreed … just paid $20 for a pair of name-brand water-resistant ear-wraparound headphones. Even if these only last 3 months each, I’ll consider it a great deal to have 3 pairs for a total of $29 … plus MP3 players I can leave in the bike or the car, and no biggie if they fry from extreme cold or vapor.

You can download firmware v1.5 (supposedly solves the issues) from the main website or by following this link:


2nd page of that sheet says:
FM Record Yes (WAV)
manual says wav too. Either way it will get to your computer.

Hmmm…tempting as Christmas stocking stuffers…but after reading all the reviews I think I’ll just wait for the Sansa to come down to under $10 in a woot-off. All the Sansas I’ve had have proved to be reliable and resistant to drops.

Can this player be Rockboxed?

OK - I like your answer even better - so Woot should pay you double! thanks

Do you really get a gift? That is cool…I can’t imagine it being a TV for real :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this will work with Rhapsody?

Thsi seems liek a really great deal for anyone how is a 1 gig kinda person or anyone that just wants a spare mp3 player loaded up and ready to go to toss in the glove box or whatever.

Personally i ( Like the other wooter I saw posting about the RCA Lyra - Love the Lyra,)
This is NOT OLD SCHOOL THOUGH !! here is what pisses me off about this.

it claims 2.0 USB - well the old lyra works with just reg usb - i have never had any troubles with it at all.

Now we have the fancey good looking sporty yellow job here that reports fast usb 2.0. but guess what - No SD card slot of any kind.

no how Poopy is that of them? this thing would be the Freakin bomb with a sd slot. micro or not.

I mean really… who would not buy this for this price if it had a sd card slot?

I Might buy it anyway just to toss in my takle box. LOl but thats beside the point. I might buy another just in case the kids got some plan to snag one of the 200 dollar Ipods to go to camp with - But that’s beside the point as well! Heck at 7.99 I may as well get one for my nighbor and just load up all the old funky 60 year old songs she says she never gets to hear anymore becuase No one remembers.

But all that is beside the point - whats up with the slot that I cant seem to find in any review.

Oh well. I guess I’m in for three becuase they willnot aallow me to buy more than that. i dunno though 28.97 for three Mp3 players.
Hmmm - maybe I should wait for a better deal??? Are You Freaking Crazy??? really??? where else are you going to get 3 mp3 players that other people paid 50 to 79 dollars each for for 28.97 …

damn though… no sd slot… granted… they prolly got ripped off delux at 50.00 each … Hmmm.
yeah at least 3… let’s all get three and see whats up. hell a stocking stuffer for 7.99 what a bargain.

In for 2. You can’t go wrong with $10 a piece (incl shipping). Ability to record fm would be awesome, which it apparently says it does.

Seems a little big for a 1gb player.

if i didnt already have a 1gb ipod shuffle ide buy, this seems like a nice MP3 player to work out with. However, the old ipod shuffles are way smaller, making them easier to use when working out, and much easier to run with. so no sale too ween

At some point, Woot has to consider its audience. There is a “Kids” Woot site now, and many parents let their kids monitor Woot as result (and I have).
However, today’s writeup is a bit extreme, especially the note about a transvestite prostitute - could have done without that, regardless how amusing it is to adults.

Woot - be advised, your humor could begin to whittle away your consumers over time, not grow them.

Most portable digital players that have tuners just have FM, because they don’t take up much space. AM tuners require larger components, so they’re left out when space is an issue, as it is in portable devices. AM radio is also harder to pick up and usually requires a larger antenna, whereas for FM radio, the headphone wire usually suffices as the antenna.

Since these players are predominately used for music, companies don’t see the lack of AM as much of a loss.

Was looking for an inexpensive rechargeable unit for wife’s audio books, and a drone to connect to the USB in my 2009 Civic. In for two!

Woot is and always has been a site whose target audience is adults. This is evidenced by a seperate and distinct “Kids” Woot site. Keep up the great work and be as dirty as you wanna be. Besides, children have to learn about transvestite hookers sooner or later.

if this thing had an SD slot, I’d buy 3 :frowning:

Like the Aqua Walkman styling

I bought a pair of these. They work like a champ and I still use them.

How can you go wrong, especially as gifts for kids? In for three.

i’m a sport and i like media, so might buy a second later today as a gift to my brother…

My kids were just asking for a portable FM player. Good job Woot. In for 3.