RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack



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RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 RCA Behind-The-Neck Heaphones with Fashion Color Caps - HP242


great woot… never thought of anything better to 2fer… well played… and here’s useful linkage for CSE comparisons… if you please.


Anyone have any experience with these? I could use some for running.


anyone know if this well work with a ipod?


These would be cool if they were bluetooth. I’m actually looking for some decent, small as possible bluetooth headphones, if anyone has any suggestions.


Hm, a two for one-


But after shipping, such a good deal?


Oh! Are thees any good?


I got a pair of these with my old CD player. They are nice enough, pretty light. However, they aren’t too comfortable for bigger heads for long periods of time. You will warp them outwards over time, but that might be months.


Excellent for sport use, but do those foam ear pads get all nasty after sweating with those on? I guess that is why they give you two of in this Woot.


these are $5 at my walmart, negating the benefit of getting them online. however, if you are lazy/don’t have a local walmart, i would highly recommend these for cheap running/working out headphones. they last a long time and have decent sound for the price


i bought them…for people with large ears, these type of headphones work well


I’ve had a pair of these for 3 years now… they can handle sweat really really well and still sound great… i’m just debating getting a new pair since i dont really need 2


Too funny, I am actually wearing a pair of these headphones as I type this. I really like them and believe I paid something like $10 for them. Two for that price is a great deal. Sucks that they don’t work with my iPhone, oh well.


RCA==CRAP electronics…Pass…

Though they’re cheap…and disposable…buy a bunch and never use the same pair twice…

Disappointing Twofer.


Will these work with my generic audio output appliance that has a 3.5mm female headphone jack?


They’re 3.5 mm so it works with most mp3 players (iPods, Zunes and Sansas).


I actually own a pair myself from target… they’re slightly higher quality and cost around 15 dollars. Cut the huge 539 foot cord and stuck an ishuffle onto it so I don’tnt’ have to deal with wires. Gets lots of comments from people. (positive ones)




i use to have a pair of these very good