RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack

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RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 RCA HP242 Dual Ear Stereo Headset

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How are these for Jogging? The last pair I had, you could really hear the Thump Thump in the ear every time your foot hit the ground.

Perfect timing! I just sprouted 2 extra ears a few days ago.

In for three.

I can never have enough headphones.




I think I’ll pass on this one.

4.5 stars on Amazon… not bad.

Do these things look dorky when you’re wearing them?

These would make a great cheap prop for a 90s retro party.

funny ishh!

I bought these as presents around Christmas and, so far, haven’t heard anything bad about them. They work… and the color changing part is kind of nice for teenagers who can never decide on anything.

Life is too short to have bad headphones…

you might as well take the $7.00 you will spend on this and shipping, and light it on fire…then atleast, you will have something cool to look at; these things suck.

20hz-20khz? Pretty weak on the lower bass front. Pass.

These work good, i got them last time around, and they are still working for me, great deal.

These are good…I use them to run and they do the job.

Oh! I like the color changing capabilities. Now my head phones can match my outfit.

Does this Include 5mm adapter ?

RCA is a cheap Radioshack brand now. I don’t like the quality of their equipment, although I suppose these headphones are worth a dollar each for an average user.