RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack

Wow… takin’ it back to 1998… Does it come with the 112 single Cupid?

Wearing a pair right now. Got it from woot last time and I would recommend it for the price they are offering now. A little uncomfortable with glasses but not that big of a problem. However, after several hours my ears are quite uncomfortable. I would get another two but I haven’t had a problem with the first pack.

just a warning here…there’s no bass with these headphones, the cord is durable though.

Got these on Woot a while back. Don’t know how the sound quality is because they don’t fit properly on anyone’s head, and the little color plastic things are junk. They don’t stay in place and/or break before you get them in. Oh well. If you need headphones this might be a good idea, as you get 2 for $7, but for your sake I hope your head shape is jacked up, cause that is the only way they will fit. The actual ear piece is angled inward (toward the head) too much.

How are these for kids? I’m thinking of getting these for my kindergarten class. I’ve been told that behind the ear headphones are often too heavy for little kids’ ears. Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you!

I bought a few of these last time they were on Woot, and they work well. Sound quality is as good as the white buds you get with iPods, and they work well when running and walking. My kids have pretty much given up on the standard buds and use these all the time. For the price you can’t go wrong.

I have a pair of these for work - the earpiece “padding” is almost nonexistent and pretty uncomfortable.

Two bucks? They really need to take off shipping for items less than 5 bucks. It’s just depressing when you realize that shipping is more than 80% of the cost.

Shipping Cost = DNW
No Shipping Cost = In for one.

I’m so happy, Woot comes through for me today!

I bought these the last time they were offered. They aren’t too bad. The sound quality isn’t great, and its especially lacking in the bass, but its ok for working out since you don’t need to worry about losing/break them.

I got 3 of these on sellout.woot back in feb for .49 each plus 5 shipping.
Comparing to this, its not a good deal unless u buy all 3(6 total).
The headphones itself are pretty good. Very comfortable, sound quilty isn’t too bad either.

These are junk, but my son destroys them while gaming…so I banned him from touching anything valuable and he can use these crummy ones without a microphone until he can learn not to Midas everything.

I’m going to give him all six, then ground him before he can use them…in advance, for breaking them so I wont have to yell later.


I have these and they are great for the price. In our house it seems like we are always looking for a pair of headphones so these are nice to have around. It was my first sellout.woot purchase and we are happy with them…kids don’t really like the earbuds so much, this is a good alternative.

I already have a drawer full of headphones I’ll never use and yet I want to buy these because I keep giving out all those other ones. Eventually, I assume, I will run out, but this would help delay the inevitable…

why not, give em to the kids. in for a set

I have three pairs and like them. Not the highest quality, but you get what you pay for. They work fine if you just want some good behind the neck headphones for everyday use and don’t want to pay $20 if they get broken.

These are great, my friend has them and they sound great! I would of had them too had woot not lost my shipment!!! >:-( WTF!

Good for the kids. Cheap, disposable, and they look cool. They don’t even sound that bad.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New RCA Lightweight Behind the Neck Headphones - 2 Pack, for $1.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x RCA HP242 Dual Ear Stereo Headset

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I bought these a while back and have been very happy with my purchase. I’m picking up 3 (6) more today as I can always find a use. For jogging, I haven’t really noticed any problems when I go for a run.

RCA is indeed a crappy brand in recent years, but these headphones have been a good purchase. I recommend them highly for this price. These run $7 each at Wal-Mart locally.