RCA Lyra 256MB MP3 player with FM Modulator



256 mB?? That’s soo much space, I could never fill this player up.

This Woot is good for people with large music collections.


256MB isn’t that great, but think of it as an fm modulator with a free mp3 player.


I don’t need another MP3 player. Pass.

Looks like there are 50 of these…


Holds SD card for extra memory… Perhaps read first and stop tryin so hard to be the first poster…


Please click on the image of the player. I love it!


Shouldn’t that FM modulator be in a technology museum somewhere? maybe next to the Atari 2600 or Apple Lisa?


click on the picture. lol


nice unit, I thought about it 2 weeks ago when offered. But I couldn’t find confirmation that it “bookmarked” (remembered the place in the middle of a 3 hour MP3 audiobook, etc.) and I like the SanDisk’s variable fast-forward and review. (and I already had 2 FM modulators).

If you have nothing but a good supply of SD cards, and you don’t listen to audiobooks, this is probably good.


I actually have one of these and I’ve been happy with it. Cheap so I don’t have to worry about breaking it and the FM transmitter works great for being cheap plastic and wires.


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I got this last time it was offered, and I’m really satisfied with it. The SD card expandability really helps.

Just be careful with the belt clip.


Cool concept.

Insufficient sotrage for my needs in a car.

Why doesn’t someone make an mp3 player that uses interchangeable standard memory sticks?


I bought this the last time it was on woot. its small, has a screen, and can use a mem card. in my opinion, its a great woot. should sell out fast


Great little player, I bought one last time around. Expanded it to 1 GB with an SD card. Holds a ton of albums, songs. Plays great, earphones that came with weren’t bad but wanted better so bought some Etymotic’s now it beats an ipod in size and capability.

Love it!!!


once new item appears, and I click on DISCUSS THIS PRODUCT I get a blank page? Anyone else experiencing this?


Someone have a time machine?

“Speed to first woot: 0m 0.-387s”


I bought one of these earlier when it was on woot, its works well. I dont know if it was the batteries I was using in it at first, but I used the FM transmitter in my car with the volume on the Lyra all the way up and it would go through batteries in about 3 hours, however when i was using it at work with headphones the batteries lasted like 10-12 hours.

When you are browseing for songs there is a slight lag in selecting items on the screen, not much, but enough to be anoying at times.

Other than that, definately a good buy.


Bought this woot a couple of weeks ago. It’s a great little player. I think RCA lists the retail price at $99. The modulator broke three days after I got it, but the player is rolling along fine. Only fits about two and half CD’s if you use high quality VBR encoding, but hey, that’s plenty, right?


It has interchangeable standard SD cards. =P