RCA Lyra 256MB MP3 player with FM Modulator


Some Pricing Links

SecretPrices.com $44.99

Froogle $48.95

PriceGrabber.com $42.49


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

RCA Lyra 256MB MP3 player with FM Modulator
$32.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 RCA Lyra 256MB MP3 player with FM Modulator - RD2312FM

The 1GB RCA Lyra was offered during the last Woot-Off on 6/9/06.

The 256MB model was last offered 3/9/06 for $7 more.


Froogle brings up one link:
Ebay - $48.95

Froogle Link


I have one. Love it… never use the FM option… but it’s well worth the price.


how big of SD card will this use?


Click here for the thread when this was sold previously


Decent my butt…you can get a 512 iPod for little over 50 bucks


Had. Hated it. Bad screen, Battery, controls.


Loving the enlarged to show detail picture…

This this has an SD card expansion slot. Last I checked, 1gb SD cards are like $10-$20.


A bit pricy considering the size and appearance. Dell DJ Ditty is on sale for about $40, would prefer the Ditty over this “odd-looking” mp3 player.


Player = meh

Description = roflobster



I almost, ALMOST buy this every time I see it here. Still haven’t heard enough decent customer reviews though. I need a small backup for when I don’t want to carry my Zen around.

If I had a car, I suppose the transmitter might have won me over.


Great woot if you need it, the price can’t be beat anywhere!

Here is the CORRECT Froogle link for this item…


This link should get some people off the fence to buy one or more of these…


Does the “endangered species” image in the popup mean this will be the last time we see this?


Cool! Goopymart.

Nice pop up pic.


Shoot. . . the mp3 player in my cell phone has more memory. I got a Motorola e1070 w/ 512mb of memory. Not worth it for me. . . Now maybe if it had a gb or more. . .


700MB CD filled with MP3s: $0.11
Time to burn CD: 3 minutes
Cost for MP3 CD Player: Standard feature for Pontiac G6 GT
Knowing that not Wooting today makes me cool: Priceless.


if ur looking for a cheap mp3 player
get this one


bought one a while back from woot, the modulator worked fairly well but the slider on the player broke within a week, i didnt even bother with sending it in to be fixed