RCA Lyra 512MB MP3 w/FM Tuner



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We’ve been the most popular Woot Off Tracker through four Woot Offs and now we’re up and running for yet another. Remember to useWootaholics.com for all your Woot Off tracking needs.

I’m also testing out sgartner’s new AJAX script, though the newest version seems to have a bit of a kink in it. Once sgartner works out that little bug, you’ll find the beta version (re-styled) at wootaholics.com/sgartner

And finally, in an effort to ensure stable Woot Off Tracking even during times of extreme load, you can always make use of the old MOVV Woot Off tracker which is now back on the Woot Off schedule of updates every 15 minutes.


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not this again…


Damn. buy this.




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Thanks but I’ll keep my Zune! NEXT




ipod is still the way to go


512? Nah.


Is it more annoying to complain about the people who just post to clamor for random crap or is it more annoying to complain about the people complaining about the people who just post to clamor for random crap?

It’s all very annoying. We get it. You want one. Woot gets it too.


what a rip off


find what the comparison site got… strong showing today from shopping.com, shopzilla, yahoo, and a few others… worth considering… but too close to call right now… p.s. this woot seems familiar.


no not another mps player.


now that the laptops over, we can get down to … BOC


hopefully they only have six of these ones too…


hello woot


somebody please buy this.