RCA RP5010 8MB Digital Voice Recorder


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I need an ipod!!!

wow! first post and 1st page - but I still need an ipod!!! :lol:


not even close.

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Brought to you by Skor Grimm

RCA RP5010 8MB Digital Voice Recorder
Listen to those boring lectures over and over again to your heart’s content
$9.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Face it; no matter how hard you try inevitably the one important point in the meeting escapes your memory. Why not let RCA, a brand you trust, help out? This RCA Digital Voice Recorder has 8MB of Built-In Memory – that’s up to 3 hours of record time. Plus it has 4 folders that allow you to categorize each recorded file – everything will be nice and neat when you get around to listening to it. (Just like your desk!) The recorder will also sense sound and start recording automatically and stop when the sound ends – nice and convenient! RCA made this Digital Voice Recorder so handy to use, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!


* Condition: New, Retail
* Digital Voice Recorder with 8MB Built-In Memory
* 8MB Built-In Flash Memory
* Up Tp 3 Hours of Record Time
* Multifunctional LCD Display
* Automatic Voice Activated Recording (AVR)
* 4 Folders with Maximum of 200 Files
* File Editing
* Date/Time Stamp
* Clock
* Built-In Microphone
* Built-in Speaker
* Low Battery Indicator[/url]

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It wasn’t my fault, it was the screaming monkey.

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I read about it and tried to buy one and they were gone! Lame! My daughter could have used it for college. :x



Anyone want one?
$20, plus actual shipping.



Hehe… That’s me! I always wanted to be the person in the wootbot box!


i wanted it :frowning: sold out before i could buy first post


I wanted this and the rca cd player, I hope they get em again. Darn dial up!!!


I practically just blinked and it was sold out!


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I really wanted this and tried to order 3. It told me there wasn’t sufficient quentity, and by the time I changed the qty, it was gone.

Sad, but awesome!!! :o :wink:


[size=18:83707ef7e3]Thanks Skor Grimm!!! :smiley: [/size:83707ef7e3]



What will they come up with next… oh wait… they are going to post a Palm iii… too funny… they are really finding all sorts of stuff lying around :slight_smile:

Definitely a new record today for a woot off.

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