RCA RT2390 500-Watt 5.1 Home Theater System



nice wattage for the price!

watt to dollar ratio of over 6:1

and the guy who took 30 seconds to buy it. well, i wish i had enough money to make an $80 decision in 30 seconds lol


OK, we know the opinions here tend to be that RCA stands for Really Crappy Appliances, but has anyone actually owned this sucker?



refurbished? Doesn’t look that good…


Damn I want one. Great woot,
But if I buy it my wife won’t beat me anymore.

Buy Buy Buy … Great father’s days gift!


129.99 Cheapest on pricegrabber. Curious to see what types of inputs it has.

Newegg has some good images of the rear. May have to jump on this.



Come ON! RCA is crappy enough, so you KNOW that a refurb RCA product has a lifespan of no more than 30 days!


Compared prices…
SecretPrices $126.99 new

PriceGrabber $126.99 new

Froogle $116.99


$140 on QVC… good woot!! but i don’t need it-- another night’s sleep lost


Radio Corporation of America…if I didn’t use headphones all the time, I’d probably get this.


Just bought new speakers. Oh well. Here are some prices

$126.99 - Buy.com

$126.99 - Shop.com

$129.99 - Newegg.com

$161.97 - UnbeatableSale.com (Seems pretty beatable to me)

Don’t forget to get your wine fix at wine.woot.com


Would rather have the cheaper mystery speakers…


Best froogle price is $116.99. Not a bad deal. I personally dont like RCA for systems. I more of an onkyo guy. Night all.


would i be correct in guessing that these will work with my X-box? i admit i may have missed that if it said it, lol


Wow… that’s ugly…


WoW that’s like $50 cheaper than buy.com and like $100 cheaper than other places! Great WOOT tonight!


Froogle $116.99

Pricegrabber $126.36

Woot is a good 50-75 bucks below market. nice job


For $80.00 what do you want. The Beatles in Person, that ain’t gonna happen. However for 80 buck, you might be suprised. Woot said it not the best, but for the price, it might be.

Nite Nite Woot.


Is it me, or are regular Television speakers supremely passe now? If you buy, install and crank up one of these things either above, below or beside my apartment… We’re going to have issues!


you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you out your right foot in, then you shake it all about. you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. thats what its all about. Hey, did you here that the POPE has got the bird flu?? They just hired him so I hope he doesnt die and stuff. The local people of Rome say he caught the virus from the cardinal! HA!

As for the RCA, 500 watts from a system this classic, you might as well buy the IPOD headphones that have the breakable headband for the IPOD you dont even own yet…lol