RCA Small Wonder HD Digital Camcorder w/4GB MicroSD Card

Here’s the manual.

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Here’s a post by NightGhost

it seems that RCA included an RCA cable that is MONO? there is no L and R channel???

Need info! Anyone own one of these? Is this a decent little recorder? I don’t need a crazy good cam…just a decent one for casual use

Lot of reviews, mostly negative

How long does a fully-charged battery last when recording HD? Sport Mode? Web? Pretend there is no memory limit on the SD card.

test video

taking it apart

Anyone with experience can compare this to the Flip Video HD recorders?

Test video looks pretty good, though it’s not the full file so it should look even better without youtube’s conversion.

Anyone have experience with these? I want to buy it, but those bad reviews scare me.

Great deal for HD. Not too crazy about MicroSD though. And don’t forget NO image stabilizing. Still a heck of a deal and tons of fun. I’ve got something similar and if i’d done my research a little more would’ve shelled out the extra bucks for the stabilizing one. Remeber the picture will only be as steady as you can hold it. These kinda cams should be bundled with a tripod.

Here’s a decent example of the video if you’re considering this for blogging:

[Mod: Going by the box he holds up, I think it’s a different or older model.]

This one doesn’t have a tripod hole on the bottom :frowning:

It says it supports HDMI, but doesn’t include the mini HDMI cable. So would this require a proprietary cable or is there a “standard” mini-HDMI connection? Moreover, where would one find such a cable?

Well i have a Flip MinoHd and i don’t think you can really compare. Even a refurb of Flips HD models are going to cost you twice as much as this. FYI Most all these cams don’t do good low light footage though unless you add some sort of light source it gets a little grainy. I actually like the built in memory of the Flip though. I have 2hrs of HD record time and that’s MORE than enough for my needs. Plus the transfer’s quick so i can clear the memory quickly. I’m sure this transfers just as easy but is compatible up to only 16gb. Actually i don’t think that’s even that big a deal to most.

You can get mini HDMI cable for about 5 bucks shipped online from a certain popular auction site.

i remember that show…I wonder whatever happened to the red-headed neighbor girl…

I have the Kodak Playsport. HD videos using a SDHC card. I bought the Playsport because it was waterproof.

For a camcorder in this form factor, a tripod or monopod is a must if you are shooting long videos (more than a minute or two). It’s impossible to hold steady for long periods of time. My Kodak has anti-shake built-in - this RCA does not, nor does it have a tripod mount, and it will make a difference.

I like shooting on SD card, and not only because I can upgrade card sizes as needed - it’s because the included software recognizes the videos on the card and start up automatically, so I do not have to hook the Playsport to the PC. I do not know if the RCA software can do this, but it does make it a bit easier to download videos.

If you do get this RCA, be aware of an issue a lot of people were having with the Kodak - the Kodak was rated for a SDHC Class “4” speed. People buying the faster class “6” card were having trouble with the camcorder locking up. Of all the devices I have with a SD slot, this was the first one I ever heard of having that issue, but people reviewing it on Amazon mentioned that it is not an uncommon problem with camcorders.

My Playsport also shoots in Standard quality, 720p, and 720p sport mode. I always use the 720p sport mode. It does seem to smooth things out, but that is completely subjective - my eyes are old and tired - YMMV.

None of these small camcorders can shoot in low light. My Flip (which I got in a Blue Oyster Cult bag) which is not HD can barely do low light - it’s not worth the effort. The Playsport - fa-gid-about it.