RCA Small Wonder HD Digital Camcorder w/4GB MicroSD Card

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Woot staff must be running out of ideas if they are using Tom Waits quotes for their picture captions.


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Amazon sells Kodak 4gb sd card for $16+. Net for camera: $34.00. Not bad for RCA quality and 720 hd.

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I wonder what the chip class rating is. It needs to be Class 4 at least, for camcorder recording.

In any event, this seems a nice deal for 720p HD recording (albeit 4GB microSD chips are now about $10 or less).

The thing missing, that I need, is a tripod mount because I use these in my car as “accident cam.”

if it was pink, i’d be in like flynn…

Here’s the manual.

Oh, one other thing to think about, but at this price point it’s not a major issue, the battery is not removable.

So you are limited to whatever charge you have in the battery (as is the situation with some of the Flip camcorders).

Nowadays I only get camcorders with removable and rechargeable batteries. I then go on eBay and buy two to three spare batteries and a charger.

Avoid these like the plague if your stomach is at all squeamish. I have a Kodak zi6 and watching more than a minute of film from a small hand-held like this is like watching the Bourne Supremacy, Rachel Getting Married and Hurt Locker all in a row…

I have to say, you can get a 4GB micro SD card for quite a lot less than $16…

Interesting post, I do declare.

As the owner of about 20 digital cameras (that shoot movies) and around 10 camcorders (including the Zi6 and Zi8) I have to disagree with you.

Are you watching video on the tiny, little, itsy bitsy, micro, mini, small, minuscule gnat-azz sized display?

AFAIK no one watches video on the device’s LCD display. The display is simply a viewfinder so you can see what you are shooting.

Everyone on the planet transfers video to the computer and watches video on a 18" to 32" flat panel monitor.

And people also upload to YouTube to share.

Does it have a threaded mount for a tripod?

Well, he did say “watching…film from a small hand-held like this”

and not “watching ON a small hand-held.”

But it did come up during the previous Woot that this skinny camera has no tripod mount.

If that’s a deal-breaker for anyone, you can get a tripod clamp mount.

tripod clamp mount

I think MModified is probably referring to the frame rate (1280 x 720 @ 30fps) which makes me want to puke after about 5 minutes of video viewing. If you are not prepared to operate almost permanently in sport mode (848 x 480 @ 60fps) then this might have you feeling similarly.

I mounted one of these to my motorcycle then rode the “Tail of the Dragon”. I learned not to tape one of these to a motorcycle.

Reviews at buzzillions

Panned at HSN

I can’t find the memory card’s Class in any of the reviews, nor on the product website, nor in the manual. Can someone who bought this on Woot or elsewhere, or perhaps a Woot staffer, confirm what Class MicroSD card this comes with?

Oh, if anyone is interested in editing the video you shoot with this or any camcorder/camera, I have been using a great program, that I give my five gold stars (5 out of 5).

It’s Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra. It’s easy to use and can also be as sophisticated as you want.

For example, there are few consumer video editing programs that crop video (make the video frame smaller by “trimming around it”). If a program does crop, that function will often crash the program and/or your computer or it will take an hour to edit a ten minute video.

I tested Cyberlink’s cropping feature and it worked great. It also saved the video in 1080p HD format. I burned it to a DVD and also uploaded it to YouTube that automatically recognized it as an HD video and YouTube posted it in HD format.

If you are new to these camcorders and especially new to editing, I recommend you get this camcorder and buy PowerDirector 8 Ultra on eBay (you can get Ultra for about $45 for a fully licensed program on DVD, which is a lot cheaper than for $75 elsewhere on the Net, including Cyberlink’s site).

All in all this would make the holiday season fun, shooting video, editing them and posting the videos on YouTube. Relatives and friends get a kick out of seeing your videos on YouTube.

Here is a YouTube video I posted. I cropped this to about 50% of its original frame size.

Sidenote: Yes, my dog is misbehaving. He is a rescue that I saved 10 minutes before the pound was going to put him down. He is really a swell pooch, but his manners are lacking at times (for example, he barks to say hello to some dogs. He means no harm, but that is how he says howdy do. I digress, but I don’t want anyone talking smack about my dog. OK.)

Here is Cyberlink’s site:


Here is PowerDirector Ultra on eBay: