RCA Small Wonder HD Digital Camcorder w/4GB MicroSD Card

I concur that this is a great program. I’ve used it and it does the kitchen sink, and it’s fasssst. I have only one thought to add: It’s marketed as “easy to use,” but I think a beginner would find the interface overwhelming.

edit: aside to MichaelSF - we’ve had a couple of “rescue dogs,” and one of them took a long time to come around, but when she did - wow!

I’m thinking of doing that, too. Maybe you could use a clamp dashboard mount made for cell phones or GPS units, though.

What I want to know is what kind of charger port this has. It looks like it could be MiniUSB, but maybe it’s MicroUSB. I just need to get the right iGo tip for it.

Here’s is a motorcycle ride with an RCA camcorder mounted on my helmet.

I’ll post it tomorrow.

What about The Gumball Rally and The Man from Snowy River?

Hahaha…Vegas likee!

have one purchased a while ago not from woot at double the price. great little cam. small. lightweight. takes decent video for what it is. $49 is a good price i’d say. the only thing is it doesn’t have any sort of picture stabilization all the new ones have. just be prepared to see every little bump and muscle twitch if you hold it in your hand. getting some sort of mount is a good idea.

the included software kinda sucks, but you can easily copy your files off and edit them on your pc or mac (i use both) using whatever you want. mac will require some transcoding to use it with imovie.

if you’re interested in this type of camera, i’d say go for it at this price.

The description says it will work with XP or Vista… Any idea if it works with windows 7?

That’s the deal breaker for me. Bad battery…junk camera.

Hate the way the lens protrudes even when off.
No still photos either.

it says it has “Still photo capture at 8MP” so there is still photo.

I’m on the fence b/c I wanted something that has at least 720p to upgrade from my 480 camera, but wanted something w/ better zoom, but for this price and 8mp photos, it’s at least an upgrade from my regular camera…

Damn…missed that.

That saying is a heck of a lot older than Tom Waits.

“Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends”

That doesn’t make you a bad person.

They probably wrote the specs before Windows 7 came out.

This driver page lists Windows 7 for the included drivers.

Note that you can always drag-and-drop the vids from the memory card, and not even use the software.

Thanks for the tip!

I see no mention of the card’s speed. Probably too slow for this application.

True, but there are all kinds of deals:

4 GB

8 GB

Class 6

You can find them even cheaper on the Asian sites, if you’re comfortable with that. And companies like NewEgg and Woot occasionally have deals too, if you’re willing to wait for them.

Cheapest is not always bestest.

Am I missing something? CMOS or CCD?