RCA Small Wonder HD Digital Camcorder w/4GB MicroSD Card

So if the pattern continues, up next is either a Kids.woot item, or a speaker system.

I can not predict the end of this woot off successfully

How many BOCs can you buy at one time? One per?

Never buy these… worst things ever! ( I own one)

No wine woot or shirt woot today? They really are changing up the patterns…

You’re crazy.

This wootoff is going into overtime.

8, if you’re an octopus.

It automatically gives you three crappy items per bag, and one bag of some type. It used to be you had to click that you wanted three…but they changed it.

YES!!! I am lol. Thank you for noticing

If next is a kid woot item, I hope its eyeclops projector. :frowning: I didn’t get one last time I wooted.

No… they’re not all just one day good sir/lady. Read up on the history of the celebration we call “wootoff”.

2 day Woot-Off???

What are the odds of the monkeys showing up tonight? My little flame-caped crusader needs some friends, but I also need some sleep!

The sales bar just reset!

C’mon, BOC! Just once, please???

In fact, lately most of them have been 2-3 days. I think the most recent one was the first single day wootoff I’ve seen in a quite a while.

I haven’t been to a Wootoff in what feels like years, arrived late to this party, caught up on what I didn’t want on @wootoff and am now amazed by how quickly things are going. Back in my day, they had dozens of certain items, not 4. If they had 4 of anything, it was some horrible overpriced vacuum cleaner and it took an hour to sell 4 of them. Just my two cents.



The new monkey is usually the last item in the wootoff, so likely won’t show until later tomorrow night, or the next if it’s a three day wootoff. There might be an old one that surfaces sometime before then, though.