RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack



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RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack
$5.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 RCA RCR8122T 2pack Universal Remote


Neither of them, evidently, have learning capability, a trait normally reserved for super high-dollar remotes to enable you to program its buttons from ridiculously obscure remotes that there’s no code for… something Philips (I believe) tackled with their $20 universal remote with “Learning” capability in the fine print. Moving along…


We’ve used both of these and they are quite good…at least for what we need. No complaints.


I’m trying them as looking for a cheap replacement remote for an old envision tv. Anyone have a link to check if either will work ?


Are you serious look at the speed to first woot.


Has woot ever offered the learning remotes like Harmony, PowerPak, etc…?

I have purchased regular universal remotes (like these) and they will display my cable box’s menu guide, but they won’t search for shows and record shows correctly. So they program with my components, but certain features don’t work right. It has been especially hard with my DVD/VCR recorder combo.


Thank you sellout.woot. My cable remote has been broken for months but I’ve been too lazy to find a replacement.


i have a tendency to lose about 1 remote every 6 months. they never resurface either!

i just wish it had learn capabilities. Here’s hoping the book has my tv in it!


wow hamtoon managed to travel back in time for that split second and a half…

First sucker: hamtoon
Speed to first woot: 0m -1.-030s


I really wish that I could time travel like hamtoon can. Hey dude, can you teach me to do that? Did the Tralfamadorians teach you how to do that?


Anyone know if this remote (the big one) supports JP1 (so it can be programmed from your computer with a custom cable)? Similar RCA remotes do.


Two universal remotes for $6? Um, great deal I suppose. But what are the odds that anyone needs a double dose on this one?


I have enough remotes…


here is the manual for the big remote RCA Support link

:frowning: it doesn’t have my tv, Olevia in it.

oh well…
thanks woot
Edit: hmm that doesn’t necessary mean this one wont work…


PDF manual and codes:


EDIT: Oops, too late lol


I needed two. I just hope it will work with my old TV’s


Rca wow really! much better than say logitech…


Thanks for the link. I was able to find out it will NOT work for anyone who’s got Comcast cable, and the Motorola dual tuner DVR like I do. :frowning:
And I really liked the backlight feature too.