RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack

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RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 RCA RCR812 8 Device Universal Remote
  • 1 RCA RCR430S 4 Device Universal Remote

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2fer tuesday… oh how i love thee… let me count the ways… eh… mostly just cuz i enjoy things in multiples… here’s useful linkage with CSE links

It’s no Logitech Harmony 880…g’night

So Woot!, SmartPost or not? And if so, why not put the snail up?

meh, who wants 2 UNIVERSAL remotes?
One for the other universe?

i have too many remotes as it is!!!

Is there any difference between an RCA universal remote and other brands? I mean are they known for being a good remote?

Wonder if this remote will operate all my other remotes?

I am with the Logitech bunch, 880 would be nice but a lower model of the same would work too. These just can’t keep up with all the other toys people buy here.

Strangely enough, I just purchased two RCA remotes. They’re nothing abnormally amazing, but they get the job done. The were decently easy to program, too.

I wish it works with my Audiovox dvd player :slight_smile:

The chances of my being interested in this item are somewhat remote. Sorry for that out-of-control remark. :slight_smile:

No thank you Mr. Woot Man… Don’t need them and similar pricing on ebay, without checking any others…although if you need two remotes its def not a bad buy. But come on, who doesn’t have a remote? its not like these are $100 remotes someone waits to buy, this is a trip to radio shack quality. But good thought woot, always lookin out for us needy folk.

Ebay link

Can pick these up at Wally World. Lame woot. Disappointed. G’nite!

I own these remotes. No problems. But, the buttons are bit small…you get used to them.

I thought universal remotes died already…harmony ftw

Too bad neither of these are IR computer ones :frowning: I need to control my computers tv in card…

RCA universal remotes…work well for RCA products…but mine used to lose settings for non-RCA appliances… maybe they improved them, but i’m using the universal remote that came with my dvr box.

If one is universal, why the need for another? Too late for such philosophical discussion.