RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack

No, actually you get the ScIFi channel…

It’s not Riallin, it’s Ritalin

I do have to replacer remotes from time to time, but I’ll skip this one.
There enough of these in the discount stores for this price or less, once you consider the shipping.
And one word (well, a few words) of advice:
if you find a replacement remote of the same brand as the TV, VCR, or DVD that you’re buying it for, very often the default settings will work and you’ll save a lot of time programming the remote.

Assuming that other universes are parallel, you wouldn’t really “travel all that way”, unless while shifting dimensions, you also shifted spatially.

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Service is likely a fair bit backed up right now with pre-existing delays, the recent woot-off, the holiday, and the weekends between them. They will assist you as soon as they can.

I see the problem, these are instead perpendicular universes which makes these remotes worthless.

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Woot offers remotes
Dallasdano wanting more
Time to go to Frys

Is there anything Chuck can’t do?

I am a girl and since we NEVER get the remote anyway, why would I want two of them?? L O L

Need a his and a hers to see who rules the universe!

Do we get two of each, or just the two pictured?

Who knows …

These arrived today (Dec 1). The small remote works fine on my old Magnavox, but NONE of the programming methods on the large remote (RCR812) work with my 3-year-old Akai CFT 3090 component monitor. So, essentially, I paid $14 for one usable remote, instead of $5 at Wal-Mart. Meh.

i need help, my cable is set up through the vcr and the vcr is connected to the tv.
i can program the remote to turn off the vcr and tv (which requires a switch of the component buttons err) but i cant change the volume. i can change the channels for both devices but it wont let me control the volume. not even the mute buttons work. can someone please offer some advice? ive read the manuals and they offer no suggestions, id really like this to work.

double post cuz im a genius!!!

turns out my audio is actually a seperate system. so first you have to configure the AUDIO button to the system, (mine was sony) then you can use the ADVANCED VOLUME PUNCH THROUGH to control while on the mode (which is vcr). the only frustrating thing is that that it doesnt have a master off button. meaning that 1 button turns off all devices regardless of what mode ur in.

the mini remote is a piece of garbage, good woot overall

I love them…I am not mechanical at all and this was so easy to set up to work on my tv. Thank you.

Bleh, the small one doesn’t even work for me. Put in new batters and freshly recharged ones, LED indicator doesn’t light up. Looks like DOA.

Yo Dibbler,

You have to replace the batteries with FRESH ones. Not those dead ones from your RCA MP3 player OK?

I am a little upset as it says that mine shipped on 11/28/07 and come to find out from FedEx that woot never released the package. I think someone owes me a refund.