RCA Universal Remote 2-Pack

This combo is nearly half the price of a single RCR812 remote on Amazon before paying over $5 in shipping charges. BOOOOO You! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if having my card charged immediately but not receiving the item is “not for everyone” then I feel pretty confident I’m in the majority. LOL…all in good humor… =)

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We actually needed two remotes so this worked perfect. Just moved to a new house and one is MIA. The other was eaten by the dogs. First Woot!

So the other one was technically KIA?

sure, given theres enough juice in the batteries to open a singularity.

Congratz and welcome to woot. And hopefully the dogs didn’t digest the remotes well… I can imagine getting electronic poop XP

Actually, I could sign up for an Amazon Visa, never use it, and have it cost 36 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

This isn’t my first woot, but I was thinking the same thing after I placed my order for these and then started reading the blog. I’m getting one set for me and one for my mom. I was hoping to control my sound system, satelite box/ dvr, tv and dvd player with one of them so I don’t have to be looking for all those remotes all the time.

maybe it is two of each :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had it take up to three weeks to get mine delivered.

Always answer a question with a question?

If you press the buttons on each unit simultaneously, you get IF.

No, actually you get the ScIFi channel…

It’s not Riallin, it’s Ritalin

I do have to replacer remotes from time to time, but I’ll skip this one.
There enough of these in the discount stores for this price or less, once you consider the shipping.
And one word (well, a few words) of advice:
if you find a replacement remote of the same brand as the TV, VCR, or DVD that you’re buying it for, very often the default settings will work and you’ll save a lot of time programming the remote.

Assuming that other universes are parallel, you wouldn’t really “travel all that way”, unless while shifting dimensions, you also shifted spatially.

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Service is likely a fair bit backed up right now with pre-existing delays, the recent woot-off, the holiday, and the weekends between them. They will assist you as soon as they can.

I see the problem, these are instead perpendicular universes which makes these remotes worthless.

On the contrary, Chuck Norris can divide by zero. He can also eat Captain Crunch without cutting the roof of his mouth.


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