RCA Voice-Controlled 6 Device Universal Remote

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RCA Voice-Controlled 6 Device Universal Remote
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Have we gotten so lazy as a country that we need voice controlled remote controls?

Pushing buttons is hard.

I cant even train my dogs, forget trying to train a remote!

Everyone needs one of these because we have become so lazy we can’t even be bothered to push the buttons on the remote.

The one I got from before didn’t have codes for my devices and it wouldn’t learn from another remote properly

Yes. Sadly.

Yes :slight_smile:

Oh forget about it!

Oh Control yourself will you?

I wish I could buy a remote that would allow me to press a button to generate sounds that would control this remote.

If you buy one of these, the terrorists have won.

$27.78 on Amazon.


Do ya reckon this is gonna be worth it?

i love that somewhere someone either got promoted/fired for inventing this. lol

Sweet! Now if it gets lost in the couch cushions you can just talk to it.

i only need to set a mute button for my in-laws

So if you yell “DERP” into the remote, will it switch to Fox?

Code list:


Considering new ones have made it to Woot, I’d say fired.