RCA Voice-Controlled 6 Device Universal Remote

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RCA Voice-Controlled 6 Device Universal Remote
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Not needed but thanks anyway.

$21.89 at Amazon. Mostly positive reviews.


And what happens when someone in the movie says, “Television off!”?

Do Bags of Craps come out in Woot-offs or what?

For those who consider the act of pushing a button to be too much exercise.

I want to see it blend so badly…

Yes, but not tonight. Tomorrow inbetween 2-3PM

Shower time!

Control the universe? Niiiice.


Well, I thought the glowy buttons were pretty.

How do you know that?

So has the BoC come out yet?

If so, how can you find out?

It shows up as $17.10 for me.

SIRI, tell my remote to put on cartoon network!

Are miracle berries little round glowing blue things with numbers and symbols on them? If they are I’m in for 3!


Over all it is ok. But the voice commands are to slow for any thing but general device selection off / on. Voice is useless for freezing actions at an exact point. You must say the “words remote control” then wait for a beep then what you want to do. It does not find the codes for older TVs or DVR’S. But seems to find the new models fine. It does have a learn from other remote ability for learning one button at a time but has a 25 learn remote button limit. This is designed to fill in gaps in remotes that have special keys for exact models after basic keys are found by the codes. I have 2 TIVO series 2 DVRs a Toshiba and a Humax. It found a code that runs half the keys on the Toshiba, but none on the Humax. And not enough learning space to learn all the Humax never mind the other half of the Toshiba. but if you have all newer equipment and only want the remotes voice functions for basics channel up/down, go to espn, power in a non time required way it will do the job.

Not all its cracked up to be" From amazon review