Re: Other Deal Sites?


I suspect this thread will not meet the hang-around-long threshold . . .


This site has filters in place to change the links of the woot copycats. Please, do not bypass the filters.

Take the time to read the “What is woot” (click here) (It’s a very funny read; not your standard FAQ.), at the top of the page and familiarize yourself with the rules…specifically “What is not allowed in the community?” (click here)

Also, in the News Forum, Jason Toon’s “Noise Reduction” thread (click here) gets right to the point.



Heh, we were posting at the same time, so to clarify:

I think the rule existed in woot 1.0, before the copycats had even started popping up, but became easier to enforce in woot 2.0. The purpose is to avoid the posting of links to sites from which the poster might profit or have some personal interest. The line has to be drawn somewhere and regardless of their claims or denials, a poster’s connection to the linked site is often indeterminable.

It isn’t just woot copycats; referral links and similar, suspect postings are all treated as spam.

Numerous threads, essentially identical to yours, have been started in a seemingly innocent attempt to just share some fun, but they have had to be edited/locked and/or deleted.

From Noise Reduction (linked in previous post):
“Posts with links that the poster stands to profit from - through a referral
program, a commercial site that he or she owns or work for, a blog with
paid advertising, etc. - will be deleted as soon as we find it. This goes
for the body of posts as well as the post signature. If you want to show
our members a better deal on today’s woot, please take your referral code
out of the link. Our forums are not a public billboard. You all don’t want
to scroll past all that stuff to get to the posts with real content.”