Re-Post-----Website Ideas Needed!!!!!!


Just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for websites. I have web design experience and want to design a new website. I’m open to any ideas.

I know i posted this already but i didnt get any serious answers last time so im posting it again.



And you expect serious answers this time?

The best website will be one that you think of yourself because it will be on a subject/topic that interests you. Can’t expect us to do it for you.


You could try emulating this site. It’s a sure winner: Rad Skateboards


Ms. Snoboard,

Here are some ides, mostly stolen from other people:

Leaderboard for woot contest winners
Tips and tutorials for people hoping to improve their photo editing skills
Other tips and tutorials for woot forum posts (smileys, picture posting, getting probated, etc.)
The Best of Woot Forums (interesting posts, minus weather updates, “you have a PM” announcements and non sequitur porn)


Why do so many people hate weather?


Ms. Name,

Reading about other people’s local weather is like reading about other another town’s council debates. We gots our own, so y’all’s has to be really unusual to be interesting.


Mr No1, you must have a very interesting life.
The rest of us are bored.

That what happened today on woot, is hard to do…I’ve done it for Poof.


Ouch, it always hurts to be told that what happens in your life doesn’t matter to the
people you choose to share it with.


Mr No1 isn’t exactly real.


Wanna hear about the dream I had last night?


That type of talk doesn’t belong here. We’re being senile over in the garden thread.


I wouldn’t want to hear about anything else, you have my rapt attention.
I think you are the most interesting person here.
YES, YES, YES, I want to hear about your dream!!!




LOL - wrong answer


Gee, then you asked the wrong question.


You’ve misquoted me.


I think he is thinking about a certain type of dream.


I think it was a joke. I don’t think there was a dream.




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