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Welcome to the 12-in-1 Media Reader topic for Tuesday October 5th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the 12-in-1 Media Reader here.


[size=18:928aa1f1d7]The programmers of this website hired to continue the releases after the other people had been sacked, wish it to be known that they have just been sacked[/size:928aa1f1d7]

howdy all. or at least those of you visiting page six of monday’s product. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for the lack of forum posting, it won’t let me manually slam one in there right now either. Something related to trying to expand into a server farm setup on the fly I suppose. Should be simple stuff but our lead database programmer is away for a couple days so we are blaming him.

Here’s my best wootbot imrobotation:

Today’s item quantity: 500
Last Order time: 01:30:00 AM CST (?)
Woot Member to blame: lou2ser (he posted that it was sold out, so I’m blaming him)
Order Pace: too early to do math for me. Quick.
Woot Wage: Lots. Hopefully enough to speed up fixing our site.

Anyways… that was a pretty quick sellout, but I guess with qty 3 ordering going on that should have been expected. It’s getting hard to locate enough quantity of the best deals. Maybe we need to cap membership? :shock: That seems rather anti-american but then again so does raising prices. Limit orders to 1 or 2 instead of 3? sucks for shipping sometimes but maybe an option… Release another product if a sellout occurs within a set time?

Well - we will have some sort of topic up in the forum in a few hours. I’ll have them post this message there when it comes up. [color=blue:928aa1f1d7]So if you are reading this under the new mouse/card reader topic, hello to you too. [/color] Some replies to this post could be on page 6 or later of the mitsumi drive topic before this one. (and for member commentary during the release, use the timestamp and wander back to 12am)


thank you for the good feedback after the original version of the above post in the mitsumi drive topic during our forum error.


first, since snapster doesnt count :stuck_out_tongue:

but that idea sounds good too, what about on nights you think it might sell out, start one product at midnight EST, another at Midnight CST…


Heh heh, I won Dalokgawd by 30 seconds…

Yeah, I know it’s stupid… Anyway, thanks snapster for fixing everything…


3rd? I like this game.


Oh yeah, anyone who has an extra e-cube/Ice Cube barebones system from 2 weeks ago, email me if you wish to sell it


On the bright side this item actually appeared around 1 am instead of 9am =)

A good deal too.

Im an east coaster and I am usually up till 1am anyways, but when im not I just gotta hope the days W00t lasts till 10am when i can check it next.

I agree with moving it to midnight but thats just cause itd be better for me =)

Either way fun site. 8)


[quote user=“If sold out by 4 am, start new item, 8 am, noon, etc.”

Watch out for annoying customers with price fluctations. When the price has to change due to bulk purchase price (not market demand (the annoying part)), throw in some free token of notification.

/Be Herd. Enjoy it


It seems (to me anyways) that the “cheap” and “cool” items are the ones people pick up 3 of …and sell out quickly…obviously most people didn’t purchase three laptops…or blenders…or 3 mouse/12-1 thingys (unless people are picking shit up to ebay/etc) …but…stuff like the bag of crap/flying saucer/dell speakers/etc… people pick up 3 because they’re cheap and stuff…

personally i like releasing another item if there’s a sell out … maybe you guys can (pending you have product to sell)…instead of the 12CST change every night…just keep releasing product until something sells out, then release another (or if it doesn’t sell out in 12hours, release something else)…the randomness of something selling out, then a new product would (possibly) cut back on the 15 minute sell outs/ because not everyone would be going to check what the item is at the same time…different people /w different schedules would be picking up shit…nobody’s gonna sit on woot all day (well…some probably would :slight_smile: ) refreshing every 10 seconds to see if there’s a new product…just a thought…


This might be a for a different website entirely, but imagine a 24 hour woot?? Everyone would be INSANE. The second the item sold out, a new item went up, 24 hours, 5 days a week with one weekend woot that you have a large quantity on. Imagine the type of staff one would need to pull THAT off.

I kind of just like the way it is right now… I don’t really see a huge reason to change it. Maybe you could do something like a half and half type thing where you release half the quantity at midnight and the other half at noon the next day?

Meh, I’d prefer to keep it the way it is now.


PS>>>[color=red:e3b5fa486b][size=18:e3b5fa486b] SNAPSTER!!![/size:e3b5fa486b][/color] sorry to be obnoxious with the red etc… but EVERYONE (well, lots of people) want to know what being a charter member means… did it just go to the first 3,000 people to sign up? did it go to anyone who made a purchase in the first month? Thanks a lot if you answer this.


I would of been a charter member but I got errors when I tried to order my first woot. Damn you Woot.


make it earlier… maybe like midnight Eastern time at the latest… the 1am thing is really hard on many of us on the East Coast.



You could always just work weekends. :lol: Having a new woot every day seems better since you don’t have the pent up Woot withdrawl Monday mornings.

The whole EST time zone crisis (which I am a part of) could also be solved by releasing information on the new product in 1-2 hours in advance. This has 2.5 advantages:

  1. People in EST time find out whether or not they want to stay up late without waiting until 1AM.
    1.5. I would get more sleep.
  2. Server load on the item change period would decrease since the people who know they don’t want it aren’t refreshing the page anymore. If its a popular item you would get the same amount of mass rush, (and errors, damn those errors).



As a working stiff on the west coast who is unable to stay awake until midnight, I would love a chance to get my hands on some of the more popular Woot!s.

However, I think changing the Woot! schedule may adversely affect the very essence of what it means to Woot! In other words, get it fast, or miss it entirely. It adds a certain level of anticipation and excitement to this site which brings me back everyday, even though I rarely have the opportunity to buy something.


make it 3 a.m. instead of midnight.


Woot! is a very cool game and the once/day pace gives Snapster the time to line up Woots! worth Wooting! I always vote for quality of Woot! over more Woots!/day. Besides, with a new grandchild, this is about as fast as I can Woot! right now. If anything, look at the stats on Wooters buying 3’s and see if there are enough of us doing that to merit going with a 2 or 1 limit based on quantity available. Maybe start w/3’s then when inventory is down to 50% cut to 2’s, etc.

Essentially there are three things that keep me coming back everyday:

  1. The Woots!
  2. Playing the game
  3. The community

You don’t have to change anything, even the irregularity of the site working (except for purchasing mechanics of course) just adds to the insanity of the game and makes it worth playing.

Written by a proud Charter Member :smiley:


I think woot should post a product within a time range, so product goes on sale anytime between 9AM and Noon CST. Now put google adsense or some other similar advertising on woot homepage, thousands of people are going to hit the site dozens if not hundreds of times to see if the product went on sale generating sizeable revenue for woot. Then woot takes that advertising revenue and puts it all back in reducing the prices even further or perhaps free shipping on everything…just an idea


[quote user=“lihboy”]You don’t have to change anything, even the irregularity of the site working (except for purchasing mechanics of course) just adds to the insanity of the game and makes it worth playing.

Written by a proud Charter Member :D[/quote]

Lol, the Charter Members should have some sort of advantage. of course I’m just saying that because I AM a charter member… but still.


Cap membership? that’s something I cannot ask for. It could happen and then those who are members (those already registered) would have sub-woots! - friends that would like to get in on the deal?

I think this site is a growing phenomenom. How big do you want it to get, or better yet, what is the size where can still maintain it? I can’t answer those questions. But I do like the atmosphere. And the times I do forget to check in, the good stuff is already gone. A lesson in life, to be sure.

However, I can say that if I hear you provided Oprah show attendies with new Dell speakers or bags of crap that did not actually have crap in them, this relationship is through.