Re-sizing designs for thumbnails and mock-ups

Hi, I’m new to Woot and I’m really struggling with the thumbnails and mock-ups. My full-size designs are solid, but whenever I try shrinking them down for the thumbnails and mock-ups they get VERY pixelated.

I use Procreate and I’ve tried a few different methods to re-size (with some improvement), but they’re just not as smooth as those in the derby. I’ve been through YouTube, but nothing seems to help.




Assuming you already did but gonna ask anyway- have you tried fiddling around with nearest neighbor, bicubic, and bilinear resizing?
You’ll want to manually resize the design rather than just changing the canvas size and allowing it to resize itself.

Personally, I just export to my computer and do my mock-ups and thumbnails on Photoshop since it’s easier than doing it on my iPad in procreate.

Yeah, I tried playing with the adjustment settings and it got a little better. I created a couple of thumbnails and mock-ups for the derby and they look ok enough, but still not as clean as I’d like.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Photoshop, so it’s just Procreate that I have to work with.