Reaction Ball, Small

More popular than it’s ill-named predecessor: Adverse Reaction Ball.

That product video was less than helpful. -_-

Especially since the product didn’t appear in it once.

I was all ready to watch that video of the ball bouncing in hilarious ways into people’s faces. Instead I got a bunch of people running with parachutes attached to their backs.

I found it kinda impressive, but then again, I trip over my own feet walking down the sidewalk…

A nice, level, smooth sidewalk without any obstructions…

I also like to fall down stairs.

jen I think you were given the best avatar on all of woot, it’s like Dangermouse or something

Sort of an amalgam between DM and Penfold. My first avatar wasn’t so cool, but I figured out today that you can choose between five options. Which one to choose was a no-brainer!

I was not aware of such a feature. I thought I was stuck with this weird man-ape (that looks, coincidentally, a lot like me)

Yeah just go up to “Your Account”

Check out this guy

Just a wee horror show. Like the monkey man better!

Yeah I can’t bear to part with him.