Reaction Low-Flow Showerhead

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Reaction Low-Flow Showerhead
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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Priced well, $25 to $35 elsewhere. For the DIYers this particular review says a lot. **This is a great low-flow (2gpm) shower head. It was easy to install and came with it’s own teflon sealing tape to prevent any leaking from the threads. The three inch head provides a well defined pattern 8" in diameter at 18" from the head. The design maximizes the low gpm by utilizing small orifices thus increasing the velocity of the shower stream. It feels like more water, at higher pressure than you are actually consuming. we love it. ** Then: Pros: Easy to Install, Strong Water Pressure, Looks Great, Stylish

Another: ** After reading about these in Consumer Reports, we decided to install one in our guest bath. It took about five minutes. It is great! It provides a much stronger stream than our standard showerhead. We liked it so much that we installed another one in a different shower. We would strongly recommend this product, especially if you have low water pressure. **

Speakman You Tube Video. Speakman also sells it for $25 regularly $40.


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Low flow? I don’t like the sound of that…

Read the reviews that MichelleX posted above.

Saves water but you still feel like you’ve got good pressure.

I think that was a Seinfeld quote


Awesome. First thing I thought when I saw this item.

Does this have a ball-joint to allow the shower head to pivot or is it in a fixed position depending on the pipe to which it is mounted?

It has a ball joint. Hope that helps.

Made of plastic… that’s a problem.

Made in China… another problem.

There are plenty of good US made items that do similar, if you’re willing to pay a little more. You get what you pay for IMO.

And also, you can just get a $3 brass restrictor plate that would fit in like a gasket, and give any showerhead you already have the same effect.

But low shower pressure? Nah, I’ll pass…

What’s this “shower” thing mentioned in the description?

I’ve received mine and used it a few times. It’s not an earthshaking difference from my previous shower head… but it uses 20% less water and somehow makes it feel like more water and delivers it with more force. My previous shower head could barely reach the far end of the tub.

And it looks cooler.

Satisfied with my purchase.