Read A Book

The lines are waaavviing!
Should I wave back?

Do they do Editor’s Choices all week?

Theeeeey’re baaaaaaack!

(this image is scary to me…but congrats to the artist!)

–runs away to play Wii

I was fond of the design even before the oxymoron comment and now it’s love…oxymoron is the oxytocin of rhetorical devices.

Also: Asphalt winning the tallest shirt pile already, may get cocky.

Thank you and good night.

I must be seeing things

Weirder that you had to find it on the internet…

Yep. Until the next Derby results, so there are four EC’s.

my friend and i were just talking about that song earlier today and here we have the shirt xD hahahaha

Oh really? Are the EC’s all from the derby from last week?

As a librarian, I wholeheartedly approve of this shirt.

It is also going in my wardrobe.

(here’s the dirty version…



B O Ohhh-kaaayyyy

I like this shirt.

there are 3 more days of EC’s…

And yes, they are all from the entries from last week’s double take derby.

I love this show.

I have a Woot Cthulu shirt that was an EC once. I think the staff really digs the elder gods. I’d be really shocked to not see it in the next few days.

They say not to read a book in dim light lest we go blind…we just can’t win!

Joke’s on you, shirt. I am illiterate and therefore cannot read your insidious advertising!

Will reading a TV Guide make my head explode?

Creepy in a way - Kinda reminds me of the one poltergeist picture.

Hey, it got me to read a book. Maybe, just maybe, if I get this shirt I can pass on that legacy and inspire a small version of myself to read a book. Maybe. Maybe.