Read A Book

“I was raised in front of the TV and I turned out TV.”

But don’t take my word for it…


I wish I could read what it says. Ah well, back to 24!

Yep. All of the non-prints from last week’s double-take are eligible.

Wow! What a pleasant surprise!

Thanks Woot editor(s)!

(And if you want to put a link to my blog under the Artist write-up that would be great too)

Just bought! The best design I’ve seen all year!

Everyone who bought Nevermore simply must buy this. The very particular… literary sensibilities as interpreted through… art compliment each other so… perfectly. Lovely shirts to be enjoyed by adults while reading Twilight, I am quite sure.
(tl;dr: important message, terrible execution)

This reminds me of how wii sports keeps telling me to “take a break”

Does it come with a voice chip of Handy (and the Human Ton) from “The Tick” cartoon?

“Well, that was an Oedipal moment. (Huh?) Sophocles! (Quoi?) Oedipus Tyrannus! The guy plucks his own eyes out. Read a book!”

I decided to read the choices on hulu… hope that counts ^.^

I like the literacy message, but I don’t think I should order another gray shirt. I think I have 5 already. Pass!

Yes! So bought. TV blows.

The worst is when I hear people at work complaining that “there was nothing good on last night, I had to watch the stupidest crap!” Surely you could’ve found something else to do? No one is holding a gun to your head and making television the only option.

Great message, but the design could use some work…

Cool shirt, and I dig the vintage tele.

In for one.

I’ve worked in a bookstore going on 9 years so I can’t wait to wear this. People always comment on my Woot shirts (and others) and it usually makes for interesting conversations.

There seems to be a convergence problem with the green channel. Is this adjustable with controls on the back, or is this fixed? Does it use LEDs or fluorescent tubes for illumination? What is the heat output? :wink:

I’m a director at an outdoor environmental education center, and when visiting students leave our facility and are walking towards their buses at the end of the week, my staff and I will often share nuggets of wisdom with the campers as they walk by. Things along the line of “Get good grades at school!”…“Crack is wack!”…“Brush and floss daily!”…“Only you can prevent forest fires!”…you get the gist.

Now I can just reference my new woot shirt! I can’t tell you how many great and educational conversations my woot shirts promote. There’s Venn Vittles every Thursday (our dining hall’s “hot dog day”) to promote the discussion of the origin of hot dogs, heated debates over who would win when I wear my Mars Madness shirt, and lots of good conversations about which bird represents one’s personality on the shirt with all the bird faces (can’t remember what its called).

Yes, my woot shirts provide interesting opportunities for discussion between kids and adults. In for one :slight_smile:

Awesome Shigwarm. Way to start a Monday, Right?

I love the concept, but the ‘a book’ font is pretty meh. Stay in school and don’t use envelope distort on text, kids.