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I’m confused by the size chart’s picture of how to measure. Do I measure armpit to armpit on a t-shit that fits me, or measure around my entire chest. I’m guessing the first option since the size measurement seems a bit small for measuring all the way around.

Correct. The measurements shown are armpit to armpit.

Thank you!

I have to say the sizing chart is either way off or the t-shirts run really small. Regardless, I cannot risk buying a shirt to test the sizing chart no matter how awesome I think that shirt is. I’d have to buy a men’s shirt to begin with because apparently their are no women who shop at woot larger than an “XL” using the term loosely.

I’m just disappointed, to say the least.

~Very Disappointed in CA.

B. Sehmer

I prefer the men’s shirt over the women’s. They are true to size and the premium shirt is soft and comfy. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Women’s shirts aren’t offered here beyond XL as the suppliers don’t have a full color lineup on the larger sizes.

The chest measurements are flat across, not all the way around.

Do note that the two brands are not the same in size. Everybody’s body is different, hence the options.