Read The Whole Book!

Pink cream … but why???

Yes! I was hoping and hoping this shirt would get printed, and it did! Hoorah for Shakespeare!

I was hoping it would be this one. Consider it sold

My friend invented Cliff’s Notes. When I asked him how he got such a great idea, he said, "Well, first I… I just… well, to make a long story short…


Wow, can Woot really get away with the Cliff’s Notes trademark?

I don’t want to read that whole shirt description. Can somebody give me a quick synopsis of it?

congrats! Didn’t expect this to place.

cue pendants ranting about being able to rip a book in half

Will my sexuality be questioned by wearing this color?

Given the thickness of that Cliffnotes book, Shakespeare may want to compete in the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ competition. He may even consider performing this trick at bars, wowing the patrons into buying his drinks.

A little saddened not to see ‘Perchance to Dream’ (votes were not even close!), but this is a good one. Not to my taste, though.

As someone who loves literature, I fully endorse this product and I suggest everyone buy it.

Cream?? Et tu, Shakespere.
Cliffs Notes were more exciting. Who’st among thou appreciates english that doesn’t read like English.

ugh, I really wanted this one, but I also wanted the apothecary one, so I bought that one, but I feel like if I buy this one was well I’ll be “that guy with 2 shakespeare shirts”. WUT 2 DO!!!

How did this not win? It’s so awesome I was slightly tempted to buy it despite not particularly liking Shakespeare.

Hardly, since it’s definitely creme and not pink.

I would have loved to have owned this shirt back in high school.

This guy has everything: brains, brawn and a killer fashion sense.

That was the one I was hoping to see as well. It’s not surprising in the least though. The voters love their joke shirts, and from my experience here, it’s rare to ever see awesome artistry beat a joke to print.

That said, this is an amusing shirt, and congrats to the artist all the same.

Yikes, if that is what he does to the “Cliff Notes”, then I would not want to be the student.