Reading Rambo

Oh, look! It’s the tank-top I was hoping to see more of. Too bad it’s a design I don’t want.

Still waiting.

What the heck is that last picture?

CATffeine had the tank top option too … and a Keurig for $50.

A spectroscope.

And why?

Because they can.

A lightsaber!

Because the character’s visor could see various light spectrums and so forth.

Jeordi’s visor processes a wide range of the spectrum to process the images he sees. This was an amazing choice for a special. I just missed it in my cart!

Does it actually come with it? It seems stupid, but … OK.

Also rainbows!

Only if you bought it. Doesn’t come with the shirt or tank.

I ordered mine from here:
for $9 + $3 shipping on 5/13/14, but it still hasn’t shipped yet. Too bad I can’t cancel and get this…

I saw that. I was asleep when it was active, but I don’t want that design either. However, it’s better than this one.

And those Keurig single serve coffee makers are nice. We have that exact same model, at work. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, except when it’s really cold, though.

I use a 1 liter pitcher for a coffee cup at work. :slight_smile:

I bet my brother has considered that. He just needs a coffee I.V…