Reading Rocket Ship

WOO HOO!!! Totally worthy EC PRINT! I’m stoked to see this one made the cut!

Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyyy

A lovely choice. Congrats qetza!! (though personally wish it were your bird one - I want that one!)

Not only is print not dead, but it can take you places that a e-reader never could–like space.

Rock on, definitely wanted to see this print!

Woohoo! - FINALLY! Congrats on your first print!

In for one … as soon as the order page goes through.

Awesome! I was so hoping this one would make the cut. Though, sheesh, woot loves books on shirts… maybe it’s like dead trees, because woot also love trees on shirts. Oh who cares, YAY. =D

books in the shape of a rock ship for sale here… meanwhile, on kids.woot, rocket ships you can make from pages of books! perfect combination gift, yes?

Oh lovely choice for EC, Woot. :smiley: Congrats, qetza!!!

I JUST realized that the books are in the shape of a rocketship.

BTW, I really love whatever brush was used on the navy blue background. Awesome. It’s so hard to get that kind of effect.

The problems with ships like this are that they totally burn up on reentry, and book burnings are never a good idea.

I can go twice as high

We call this color: Dammit, Jim, I’m A Silver T-Shirt, Not A Miracle Worker

Dammit, Jim meme.

I was really hoping I woot wouldn’t pick any shirts I wanted this week so i could save some money. but i really wanted this one, it should have printed in it’s derby.

Way to go qetza! A very well deserved print! Keep up the amazing design work. Kudos to the editor on a great choice.

Just in time for the closing of Borders… :frowning:

This is a lot better than I remembered it in the original derby! The planets in the background are really superb.

I have a kindle and i love it. i’ve read more in the year i’ve had it than the previous 6 years i’ve been out of college. it’s one of the best purchases i’ve ever made