Ready for Winter

Sweet little guy… I want to climb into that tree and join him!

I’m not surprised that he won… :slight_smile:

I think everyone knew this was first place. Well deserved.

Totally opposite the wonderfully mellow mood but SQUIRREL SHIRT!!!

Squee! So cute! A well-deserved win. Congrats!

Clear winner! Great job as always.

I am in New Hampshire. It is generally cold here. Why is this a T shirt and not a sweatshirt??? We need sweatshirts.

Congrats Patrick! A clear winner and my favorite of your recent designs by far.

For the love of money, Woot, PLEASE start offering female tank tops on all your shirts!!! I have seen so many designs I would purchase for my wife, but she won’t wear t-shirts…only tank tops. This is one she would love, but I refuse to buy any more t-shirts that go unworn!!
…that is all.

love, love, super cute lil fella, congrats :slight_smile:

Looking cozy in his nut sack

Such a cute squirrel! Must have! The squirrels are going nuts in my yard today as the weather has suddenly dropped 30 degrees. Congrats on the win!

Someone asking for tank tops. Myself, I’d LOVE to see the BAGS return. So many uses: knitting gear, gifting, etc.