Ready Project™ 101037 40 Pound Bucket of Corn Grits

The percentage just dropped from 33% to 31%, so there are a lot.

Unless Woot is fiddling with the status bar and percentages to throw people off, since the sales charts do look like there were 2 in NY and 1 in CA.

Unfortunately this is degerminated yellow corn and won’t be nearly as good as proper stone ground white corn.

Degerminated means the hull and germ have been removed which is where a good deal of the nutrients and flavor are.

White corn just has a more complex flavor and more “corn flavor” than yellow corn.

So being yellow degerminated corn meal means that anything made from this will have a very flat, boring result.

Y’all can kiss my 40 pounds of yeller, de-germinated grits

From their webpage…

Ten bucks cheaper… good job on the grits-nado, woot!

… though I have to wonder if this is US grown/made grits, or foreign grits masquerading around…

are you Shoe-er?

Ah, what?