Ready Project 4-Person 72-Hour Food Supply Kit

Shelf Life: up to 20 years if stored in a cool dry place. but this expires in 2026? Already 10 years old?
And what’s with the four people, but 10 servings per pouch…?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.
It does say was manufactured no sooner than July 2016, so is it 10 or 20yr shelf life? I bet at 10yrs it’ll be pretty stale tasting

Also… if you do buy this, do remember to store enough water to cook/warm all this stuff… a stove…fuel for stove…utensils…and enough water to drink!

All of these no-protein, dehydrated food kits are pretty dodgy for the real long term. I have sat back and never felt like they provided any real value.


This menu would certainly keep me throwing up for three days. And chicken “flavored”?

Company review:

I’ll pass - 5 out of the 12 pouches contain rice which I’m allergic to.

Guys, our buyer provided this response from the vendor:
It is good up to 20 years but for legal issues, 10yrs.

This is one the worst emergency food kits out there. None of the pouches have meat (protein) in them. Also, if you’ve ever been camping and cooked freeze dried food, you know that splitting it with someone is a pain since it’s cooked in the bag. Sharing one pitch with 3-4 people would be a nightmare serving-wise.
There’s many much better options out there that this.

While these don’t list Monosodium Glutamate, they do have ingredients like autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. These are also glutamates and can cause similar reactions for people who are MSG sensitive. If I ate this for 3 days, I’d be dealing with migraine for a week. No thanks.

Cheddar broccoli rice two days in a row. Where’s the “variety” in that? And, broccoli? YUCK! Why do food producers believe that everyone likes broccoli, eggs, or tomatoes on sandwiches? I don’t like ANY of these food items, and have difficulty finding foods that don’t contain these in the grocery store, and when eating out. Also, what’s up with America’s obsession with cheese on EVERYTHING?!? Mounds, and gobs of cheese! I like cheese, but also like these flavor of other foods to come through.