Real Galactic Heroes



Yo Groot!


This is a total instabuy for me!


I can see that future for the Joes.


Am I the only one who read this as “Got to go!” before madly dashing off to the WC?


I’m seeing a law suit in the making.


My first thought was, “Got Guardians”?


Stop all the downloading!


Funnest movie of the year. Marvel is on a roll.

No way Avengers 2 will break their streak, although after that is Ant Man… I really wanted to see the Edgar Wright version.


Idea is GREAT! Execution? Not so much. Sorry, woot, this needed much more refining.


Greturn of the Gedi.
Gord of the Grings.
Glanet of the Gapes.


First day sales: 130