Real Steel H9 Stonewash G10 Knife

Price did not include the deceptive “Shipping and Handling” fee. This makes this knife not worth the price. I cancelled my order due to the dishonest addition to the price.

deceptive pricing??? You must be new to Woot. The price is not bad for the quality of steel you are getting plus the G-10 grips.

where is the description did it say FREE SHIPPING???

Your in the wrong place my friend.

Does it have a clip??

This site shows it with a clip.

I see you just joined on 2/17/17 so you’re new to how woot works. Sorry but you’ve misplaced blame here. The misunderstanding is all on you and to go all Defcon 1 and accuse them of deception and dishonesty is waaaaay out of line.