Reality Isn't For Everyone



got mine…awesome…


Back door to all w00t! Tees (so far…). NOTE: Price is always $15, not $10, on ‘second chance’ orders.
2nd chance orders not available until AFTER MIDNIGHT of the day originally offered. For NNNN, substitute these product ID’s, or just click the link below.

3618 = WOOT Launch
3622 = Sore Thumbs
3625 = Robot Service
3627 = The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer
3629 = Sea Chimp
3630 = Threat Level: Doctorow
3633 = This Here Is My Unicorn-Shootin’ Gun
3637 = Word Problem
3640 = Rat Rod
3642 = Nobody’s Perfect
3643 = Cube One
3645 = Sci-Fi Weenie Roast
3650 = Scales & Bubbles
3656 = Too Hungry
3657 = The Rustic
3658 = Dead Heat (but for this special deal, the usual number code won’t work)
…there is a separate link for each of the two shirts
…for ‘NNNN’ use the shirt name ‘UnhappyMeeting’ or ‘SnowmenInHeat’
3664 = American Samurai
3666 = Nerdy Laundry
3667 = Chimpanzee Robusto
3669 = Hello Squidbucket!
3675 = Reality Isn’t For Everyone


wouldn’t wear it, but cool


Still no 3X, this is a waste of time.


That’s a funny shirt!


like the color, hate the design. pass.


wow i guess winning the derby doesnt mean anything if the winning (and better) shirt doesnt make it. Kindof sad to see how the week started off with such a kick ass shirt and got progressively worse as each day went on.


I’m a sucker! I mean I’m numero uno!


I was hoping this one would win, I really liked it. Just bought my 5th shirt. Love this one.


I demand some more originality, like last week. This weeks shirts are plain stupid.


weaaak, whatever happened to USBman anyways


Would be funnier if the kid on top was just takin’ a leak on the kid with his face in the ground…pretty lame shirt woot, maybe for $3 at the discount rack at target in the little boys section.


Didn’t the Super Power one win by one vote?


Why did people vote for this? I don’t mean to hate too much, but there were better entries in the durby.


awesome shirt i am very glad that it is up for sale, even if the super power shirt was better :slight_smile:


i think if it actually SAID “reality isn’t for everyone” beneath the design it would be a way cooler shirt.


nice color
stupid design


This shirt is hilarious. I have to get one!


Nothing like a midget following jump by numbers for a T-shirt graphic. Oh gravity, sometimes your the drops.