"Really, I'm Fine" artwork missing

The original submission for “Really, I’m Fine” had static in the background. I was told if there were any issues with it, I would be notified, so I could fix it in time for the sale. I never got that email and now that static is missing.

I can’t comment on why you wern’t notified, but by the looks of the original entry it’s probably likely that the static contained too many colours due to the use of gradients in it without halftoning. Most image editing software utilises antialialising to make the edges look smooth and in doing so include many different colours. This image shows what I mean.

So it was probably that the layer with the static on it was going to be too much work for them to fix and break down in to one or two colours and as such they decided to remove it instead. Would have been good for them to contact you about it though. Congrats on the print!

Thanks! That was my initial concern and they did tell me they’d let me know if there were problems.

I’d agree normally, but I don’t this this is an issue with DTG. Might be some other reason going on here.

I was definitely more fond of the design with the static – maybe they’ll work with you to get it back in.

True. And that brings up a good point. With so much digital printing going on now. Do our entries actually need to be submitted with only 6 colors?

My understanding is that now most of the shirts sold get printed digitally rather than screened. If that’s the case perhaps it is time to change the art requirements for 6 colors?

The reason it could have still been an issue now is that some stuff still ends up being screened due to the number of sales it gets (which are an unknown number when the print art is being prepared) and as such when the art preparations are done they still have a requirement to show a design that could be screened even though it probably won’t due to not selling over the threshold to make screening feasible.

Hi there. They’re aware and Ben’s been working on it.

I like the limitation. Forces you to be more selective and creative with less colors which I think ultimately makes for a better design. Also, to your point, they do occasionally screen items and more than 6 (or 7) would prevent that from happening.

Howdy, all- thanks for weighing in on this. Steve, I’ll send you a play-by-play on how things developed with this design, and why we landed where we did. The short version is that there was a perfect storm of issues and timing, but I still should have reached out. More to come.

This has been updated to include the new version of the static you sent, @Stevegoll68!

Really, I'm Fine

Feel free to spread the word. :slight_smile: