Really upset with recent Air Pods Pro Purchase/First and likely last Woot! purchase

This was my first Woot! purchase. I hesitated for years but decided to go for it as Woot is an Amazon-owned entity with favorable reviews. Unfortunately, I had my Air Pods for less than two weeks and when I went to register for Apple Care, I was told I’m ineligible. I purchased these as “NEW - Sealed” not refurbished but the Apple reps tell me they could’ve been preowned or refurbished. I’m really disappointed and also grossed out if so as I’ve been placing them in my ears. Has this happened to anyone else? This will be my last Woot! purchase it seems unless Woot! makes it right to me and responds promptly. The lack of chat support is frustrating, too…

Did you reach out to Woot CS?

I emailed them. Not sure what to expect, but I hope they take care of this and apologize. I’m really disappointed.

Is support fairly responsive? I didn’t realize email was the only option. Stressing out a bit. :frowning:

  1. Due to the current situation, many people are purchasing things online, so CS on various websites are slightly backlogged. :frowning:

  2. Woot sometimes has phone support, but because of the backlog, I believe that it’s currently disabled.

  3. Yes. Woot support is fairly very responsive in a good way.

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Gotcha. I can wait a bit provided they make this right. This gives me hope. Sometimes I feel email support can be terrible, but I’m happy to hear they’re responsive. Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot.

@Mithrandir2020 - I know it’s Sunday, or at least, that’s what the internet is telling me, but are you in the mood to yell at any of your minions about this?

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I have always been super impressed by woot customer service. Unfortunately some of the items are shipped by Amazon, they have little control of those items but they have always made it right, for me anyway. :slight_smile:

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That gives me so much hope. The lack of phone support made me anxious but I will hold out and give them a chance to respond.

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Hello there. Catching up on this thread.

These were new. Our vendor go them directly. However, because we’re not an authorized reseller, it’s up to Apple as to whether they want to sell you AppleCare.

I can see that you wrote to CS earlier this afternoon. They’ll get back to you as soon as they can and help you return the pods.

Hi! Thank you for the prompt response. I thought every new item comes with 60 days during which we can get AppleCare. This is very important to me. Thanks for the info. I look forward to returning these and purchasing from elsewhere. (I’m also so thrilled to hear they’re new because I was really stressing over the idea of used in-ear headphones.)

Hi! I packaged my shipment really well but totally forgot to stick another return label inside. Is this OK? This is not a standard thing to do. Now I’m stressing as I’m about to drop it off. I wish there were a way to speak to someone in real time…

Is there any way to get live support via chat or phone? I have a question I need to ask quickly.

Hello. Write the Return Authorization Number (RMA) on the outside of the box and you’ll be good.