really, woot? just send me a vacuum

This post inspired by a conversation with a friend… both of us being on woot since 2004.

just send me a vacuum… k?

Well, if you want a hard floor cleaner, home can help you out today! :slight_smile:

I would like a free one sent to me as a consolation prize for all the COB’s I have missed for not being glued to my pc but entirely devoted to woot

I agree. Coffee needs a free vacuum.

Damn, missed the crap.

I’m going to have to say, my make-up crap for the open box birthday crap was amazing! We used the backpack all weekend for GeekGirlCon and it was perfect (only thing that would have made it better was to have woot! embroidered on it). I got a full box of very cool stuff, bug zapper rackets, the backpack, a small duffle bag (also used this weekend), a shopping bag (yup used that too), I think there was something else, but anyway, way above and beyond! Thanks woot, most helpful and timely crap ever!!!

Oh and the roomba I got in a BOC ages ago, never worked.

rubbing it in… nice…
i even missed geekgirlcon because i got called in to work.

From friend: I really think all those who joined in 2004 deserve some kind of recognition. Might have happened if Snapster were still around but I don’t think Dave Bug will go for it.

is davebug that high in the current hierarchy? ida thought it’d be some1 at the tejas hq.

Don’t know for sure. Heard it somewhere a while back.

what sort of recognition do you think you’d want?

i mean, would it take the form of a free vacuum (or somesuch), or would you prefer something like a plaque, or a blog post, or…?

obviously, i’m not promising anything, but i am always keen to hear what would make you guyez happy.

(if anybody asks me for cake [no1], i will probate them for 9999 hours.)


you know how staff get a badge? give 'em a different coloured badge, and instead of “staff” it says “2004”

See you in January 2014.

Technically he didn’t ask for cake, so.

But they’d have to have bought at least one thing a year and still be around. None of these fly-by-night people.

I like flying at night, it’s much cheaper.

Oops, just checked. Since I didn’t join until the end of Dec. 2004, I didn’t buy anything in 2004.

Edit that last post.

so everybody except you gets recognized!