RealxGear 2200mAh Power Bank

**Item: **RealxGear 2200mAh Power Bank
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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you just has a 5000mah for the same price!

This is smaller.

I noticed it says it works on cell phones and the PSP. Does this also work on tablets?

For $10, this doesn’t sound bad. Does anyone have any experience with this?

That was $19.99, dill weed.

This looks to be similar but the removes are pretty poor.

For $10, I’d probably have grabbed one. For $15, I’ll take a pass.

Give me $5 all day shipping and i’ll buy EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

It’s $9 on amazon and with prime free shipping. Just saying this isn’t much a of a woot off.

$6.50 if you’re okay with an ugly blue color.

I have a 6000mah from another manufacurer. It will charge my galaxy s3 about 2.5 times. I would be worried that this - with only 2200mah wouldn’t even get 1 full charge.

2200mah is the size of my phones battery, which means this thing would only be able to charge it %50 of the way. Its really a bad charger, 2200 is to low to be of any use.


Will this work with my Mac? Not even a refurb! Do Not Want!!

Works with my iPhone 5 and bonus points for some of the most epic Engrish ever on the packaging!

“Do not break, dismantling, into the fire or placed in hot and humid place. Get rid of children”

Yeah, I saw that and LOLed. I also notice it says “no meemory efect” on the back of the box. There’s typos and mangled English all over. Obviously whoever did the box copy isn’t a native speaker of English. :smiley:

There’s also no folded-up instructions paper thingy anywhere in the box, though the inside-the-box packaging itself is quite nice, one of those vacu-pressed plastic-sheet dealies with compartments for all the stuff. I’ll likely keep the packaging, because it’s so nicely arranged, and also likely the box, since it’s so funny to read the mangled copy.

I was coming in here to see if someone stated how long it takes to charge the thing for the first time, but as I was typing the first paragraph or so, I noticed the device had just gone from showing a red light to showing a blue light. (I’ve had it plugged into the USB port of my computer to charge for the last couple hours.)

Anyway, dunno if I’ll ever need the thing, but it’s useful to have just in case. That’s why I grabbed one. :slight_smile:

So mine came with the unit, a USB-microUSB cable, and several adapters that don’t fit anywhere. There’s a pre iPhone 5 32pin adapter, mini-USB, and some small jack. They all convert to a small jack that doesn’t connect to anything. Double U Tee eff mate?

Yep, mine has the same pointless (or extra pointy?) adapters as well. I really suspect there was supposed to be a second cable in the box that had the small jack that these plug into. I’ve seen similar methods used for “universal” laptop chargers. Not terribly concerned since it still appears to work through a regular cable I have sitting around.