RealxGear 2200mAh Power Banks

Do these ones actually work, or are they worthless junk like the other similar ones you were selling?

hey! At least this one looks like it ships with the cable to make it usable unlike this one I ordered back in december. (
when I emailed support the reply was “It looks like there is only the one usb cable for it, I have a similar product and though it doesn’t have the barrel plug I’d imagine that might just be for alterior charging methods? Like for the actual power bank. Let us know if you have anymore trouble with it.”

Hello all. I recommend steering clear of these power backups. I just had one explode while it was charging and cause major burns to some of my furniture. I’m lucky my house wasn’t burned down. Stay far away.

Woot sucks! Can’t believe 7 emails and no response from customer care. No sign of returning my money or replacing this worthless product. This is a gable. You pay it and there is no one responsible for your product issues! waste of time and money for sure. Never making any purchase from woot for sure.

its useless. My first experience with woot. and its horrible. Product is of cheap quality and unreliable. On top of that no freaking customer support.

I’m sorry for the delay in contacting you, I’ll be speaking with CS on behalf of your order.

Hi. Can you please have them contact me too? One of these thing caused a fire in my house! Case: CAS-601500-C7P9S8

Jeez, I’m sorry. I’ve forwarded your info along; you should hear back soon.

Worthless piece of junk. It gave a minor charge to my iPad and then ran out of juice. I thought I might have had a dud but I’d won another similar one as a gift and that one too was a piece of trash.

So, in case you weren’t listening. Don’t buy, doesn’t provide a decent charge. Waste of money. I can’t speak enough of what a waste this was.

Can’t add much more, except, they don’t charge fully, they don’t charge a phone fully and the connectors failed in a very short time. Can’t plug them in as the connector pushed inside of the unit. Threw them away and will be buying from these kinds of things from AMAZON, from now on.