RealXGear Cooling Headwear

Somehow I have a hard time believing the black hats would be real effective at cooling your head, unless you are out of the sun. In that case you more than likely wouldn’t need the hat.

if it is only as cheap as a wet doo-rag.

Found an independent review (and it wasn’t easy) that is positive

and no negative reviews. I’ve bought these or similar hats and bands and my family likes them.

I bought both the hat and the visor…and Whoa, they are both amazing. Went bike riding with the hat in 88 degree humid weather. The fabric itself is super light weight and breathable. The cooling panel was especially effective feeling like a cold shammy placed against your forehead. This also held the hat in place nicely even while riding at a fast clip (ok i probably should be wearing a helmet instead).

Only downside is it runs a bit big for both visor and hat so i had to really cinch it down to the smallest size.

Am going to go and buy a few more for backups.

Thank you for the review, I was not sure about these but it sounds like just what I need for my husband. He is a hot sweaty guy and when he’s working around the yard, mowing, etc. he could really use something like this. It looks like it would work better than just a rolled up bandana.

I bought the towels about a month ago when they were on here and they work amazingly well, much better than just a damp or wet towel/bandana does. This is because they don’t rely only on evaporative cooling (as I discovered on their website yesterday when looking up info on them.) I saw they had hats and visors and such and was thinking about maybe dropping the $30 they want for them on their site. However, now this deal comes along and well, HOT DAMN! I am buying a couple of these hats and the collars too! I’ll look like an idiot with the hat, neck wrap and one of the towels draped down my back, but I will be damn comfortable! And in the summer heat of FL, that is a GOOD THING!

Yesterday I bought the Real X Gear hat and collar. Oh my gosh! I went out running this morning and cut 1 minute per mile off my time in this Texas Heat. I love this product and highly recommend it for anyone. I’m buying another hat and collar for my son since he works out in the heat all day servicing pools. It keeps your body temperature down and allowed me to go the distance. Buy it!

About RealXGear

What? You don’t think it’s real? Of course it’s real, guys? C’mon, you don’t believe us? This stuff is real. Honestly. Just take a look. It’s called RealXGear. REAL XGear. If it was fake, it wouldn’t say real in it, would it? So yes, these products are real.

And they’re gear. Glad we’ve got it settled. As for the X? Uh, we don’t know.

X is for Xtreme Cooling Everything RealxGear does is COOL AND OF COURSE Xtreme!

Chris Maher CEO and Founder!

Bought a bunch for myself and gifts. Missed out on the white hats! Will keep an eye out if they are sold again.

thanks for dropping in!

The product description says it keeps you 5 degrees cooler. That doesn’t seem like very much. Can 5 degrees cooler really be that noticeable and as wonderful as some of these comments are making it out to be?

Hi I was a too conservative when we started the patent pending caps and visors back in 2012. The liner will get up to 20 degrees cooler but as the transfer of the coolness to the forehead will reduce to 5 degrees. If a runner or someone working in the backyard notices the cooling effect reducing; it is now recommended to wave the cap or visor to re-activate the evaporative cooling band inside the visor or cap which will reduce up to 20 degrees again.

Hope this helps.

Chris Maher

Thank you for the note about the hat size. This is reassuring for fit on my big noggin (and hubby’s).

I have six of the cooling towels. They feel great but I have a hard time keeping them on my neck when I’m active. I ended up carrying one during much of my windy 3-mile walk, because holding it on my neck hampered my pace, even though I really needed it with the 85+ degree temp this morning. I ordered two hats and a cooling collar, so hopefully those will work better to keep me moving during this hot Texas summer.

The hat should be a perfect fit for your main squeeze. I am a rather smallish Asian so on a rather normal non-Asian, this should work well :slight_smile:

Also, i played sand volleyball yesterday in 90 degree heat and the visor didn’t fall off once even with all the diving involved in this sport.

I used the towel in between matches but probably could have worn it without issue playing as well. I did drive home with the collar in place flipping stylishly in the wind in my matching blue convertible. Collar stayed put as well.

Kudos to RealX making a product that actually lives up to their claim.