RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk

**Item: **RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk
Price: $9.99
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They don’t do much. I could see this being slightly useful if you left the towel in a cooler of ice water and used it to wipe off your face to cool off from time to time. I tried soaking it in cool water and wrapping it around my neck for a run out in the heat, and the towel was soon hot enough to not be of any assistance.

$15.95 for one at Amazon.

The blatantly photoshopped towels make me giggle.

Bought these last time. Girls soccer team used them last weekend at a tournament. They worked very well. The girls kept them in a cooler and during the games used them as they came out for a sub. I’d recommend.

was thinking the same thing

I buy these obsessively, compulsively, wherever and whenever I see them on sale.
I use them on my boat, in my car, camping, and even pack one when I travel.
I have an outdoor shower at my home and leave this hanging there and use it instead of terry towels.
PVA is insanely hygrophobic, it DRIES whatever it touches, so try it wherever you would use a towel/paper towel.